Basware Ambassadors

Advocacy with a Purpose



Discover how to advocate for Basware

At Basware, we hold an unwavering belief: our customers are the cornerstone of our success. Your experiences, insights and invaluable feedback are the driving forces behind our continuous growth and relentless pursuit of excellence. 

This is why we created Basware Ambassadors – our advocacy program which offers a unique opportunity for you to become a valued Basware advocate. Basware Ambassadors provides you with a platform to celebrate your organization’s success via a tailored program of advocacy activities and rewards you for your time and dedication.


Become an advocate

Connect with people who share your passion for Basware and gain exclusive access and rewards.


Be the voice that matters:

We will provide you the opportunity to both attend and present at global and local industry events. This will enhance your organization’s visibility as a leader in AP automation and expand your professional connections. 


Exclusive Access:

You will be given exclusive access to our Pilot programs to receive our latest innovations before general release.  


Unique Rewards:

We understand the value of your support which will not go unnoticed. Based on your participation, Basware will make a charitable donation on your company’s behalf contributing to a cause that resonates deeply with you.

Receive dedicated support as a Basware Ambassador:

We will provide you with a dedicated advocacy manager from our marketing team, giving you unique access to our resources to tell your story. They will provide funding and support to develop your value story.If you have an interest in attending or speaking at events, they will keep you informed about upcoming industry gatherings.

Finally, they will connect you with other organizations who want to understand what it’s like to be a Basware customer and the value that can unlock. 


How it Works

  1. Sign Up: Joining our customer advocacy program is easy. Just fill in the form below and let us know your preferences. 

  2. Be rewarded: As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a welcome kit and benefit from regular perks for your membership. You’ll also stay updated with other program advocates through regular newsletters and have the chance to earn awards. 

  3. Share Your Insights: Occasionally, you’ll receive invitations to participate in reference calls, speaking opportunities, or case studies, offering you opportunities to earn charitable donations on your company's behalf.


Elevate your voice today:

Ready to become a trusted advocate through Basware Ambassadors? Fill in the form below to get started. We can’t wait to welcome you to our advocate community and embark on this exciting journey together.