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What is discussed in this webinar:

  1. Ukraine - Russia War (2:00-3:20)

A short statement from Rob Wilson, Customer Marketing Manager, on the impact of the ongoing conflict and how Basware is managing this from a business perspective.

  1. Market Outlook (3:45 – 12:20)

Tuula Tuononen, Director of Customer Insights, and Jussi Erjanti, VP of Product Offering, discuss the current market outlook

  1. Deep Dive: Global e-invoicing Compliance (13:00 – 40:00)

Jens Närger, Product Marketing Manager, takes us on a deep dive into global e-invoicing compliance. Jens discuss the current and future developments within this space, and what the regulatory landscape looks like already today? Which challenges stand connected to these? And most importantly: how Basware is supporting customers with the release of the new Basware compliance map

  1. Basware Product Roadmap Review (41:00 – 45:00)

Jussi Erjanti provides a walkthrough of the different swim lanes that make up the Basware product Roadmap for 2022.

  1. Expert Forum (45:00-50:00)

Rob Wilson, introduces Basware’s new customer event series that will be providing customers the opportunity to engage with our product management team so they can share their expertise and influence of product development.

  1. Q&A (50:00 – 60:00)

Finally, we end the session with a number of questions related to the compliance section as well as some questions regarding the product roadmap.

 We hope you enjoy! The next session will run in early June.

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