Q2 Product update


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What is discussed in this webinar:

1. Market Outlook (2:30 – 9:00) 

Tuula Tuononen, Director of Customer Insights, updates us on the current market outlook and trends we have seen in recent months. Tuula highlights growing pressures of inflation, ESG concerns, challenges of retaining talent, and how this is accelerating the conversation around automation. 

2. Deep Dive: Touchless Invoice Processing (9:00 – 35:00) 

Sanna Eklund, Product Marketing Manager, takes us on a deep dive into Touchless Invoice Processing. Sanna discusses why Basware is talking about this and why touchless should be the north star in an organization’s AP strategy.  

 Sanna then unpacks how Basware is developing its products to support this vision (15:00). Briefly, she presents our upcoming TIP dashboards being released in H2 and then spends the core part of her session explaining our new SmartCoding functionality (20:00). The benefits it can bring, how it works, and the roll-out process.

3. Basware Product Roadmap Review (35:00 – 43:00) 

Jussi Erjanti provides a walkthrough of the different swim lanes that make up the Basware product Roadmap for 2022.

4. Q&A (43:00 – 50:00) 

Finally, we end the session with several questions related to the Smartcoding release and the TIP Dashboards. 

We hope you enjoy it! The next session will run in September. 


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