Everything you want to know about Basware InvoiceReady

Welcome to InvoiceReady

Welcome to this video series demonstrating some of the core features and functionalities of Basware InvoiceReady service platform.

InvoiceReady is aimed at small and medium sized businesses, is a fully cloud-based, multitenant Software-as-a-Service solution. We will tell you about many of the possibilities regarding the Automation of Accounts Payable processes in InvoiceReady.

Every company needs to deal with Accounts Payable and invoice processing and can achieve cost savings and greater efficiency through automations. So, what can we provide in this regard, and why do companies choose InvoiceReady? Start with this introduction video and learn more!

Watch InvoiceReady in action & learn the benefits

InvoiceReady is a compact and all-encompassing solution. With this video series we will provide you with an overview of the solution's key features and functionalities. After watching you will be better equipped to find out which parts of InvoiceReady will be most valuable to your organization.

In these videos we will cover:

  • Core functionalities of Basware InvoiceReady
  • Key benefits of the solution, such as ways to further automate the AP process
  • Show you hands-on demonstrations of the solution itself

We hope you’ll join us with the videos in this series, either as a whole, or just picking out which parts seem the most relevant for you to watch. Once you open the videos, please view them in full-screen mode for a better viewing experience.

Welcome to InvoiceReady!


Purchase requisition

Overview of the requisitioning process


Approval, order, receive

Covering the approval, ordering, and receiving of goods based on the requisition module.


Invoice receiving

Various methods of receiving invoices in the InvoiceReady service platform.



Enables us to automate or streamline the processing workflow for invoices.



Learn how to handle recurring invoices and budgets using the InvoiceReady contracts module.



The basic workflow of InvoiceReady, along with some basic configuration examples


Transfer to payment

How to transfer data from InvoiceReady to a 3rd party system, such as ERP.


Reports and archive

The insights and opportunities provided by the archive and reporting functionalities.


Travel and expense management

The entire process for handling travel and expense claims can be made 100% paperless.