Uponor subsidiaries e-invoicing addresses. Please confirm correct Uponor subsidiary.

Please check the correct Uponor VAT, e-invoice and e-mail address from the “invoice to”- field area of our purchase orders to be able to send us correctly your invoices.

Continent Country Company E-invoice address Vat ID
North America USA Uponor Inc 36-3306746 36-3306746
North America Canada Uponor LTD 133964700 13396 4700 RT0001
Europe Austria Uponor GmbH ATU52614504 ATU52614504
Europe Denmark Uponor Infra A/S 5790002584176 DK35383107
Europe Denmark Uponor A/S 5790002584077 DK66335518
Europe Denmark Uponor GmbH 4021598000001 DK13017956
Europe Estonia Uponor Infra Oy EE101646758 EE101646758
Europe Estonia Uponor GmbH EE101386209 EE101386209
Europe Finland Uponor GmbH Suomen sivuliike 003727237059 FI27237059
Europe Finland Uponor Oyj 003701487316 FI01487316
Europe Finland Uponor Infra Oy 003725001763 FI25001763
Europe Finland Uponor Suomi Oy 003715417263 FI15417263
Europe Norway Uponor AS 9908:960253108 NO960253108
Europe Norway Uponor Infra AS 9908:911567555 NO911567555mva
Europe Norway Uponor Infra Oy 9908:915769896 NO915769896
Europe Norway Uponor GmbH 9908:916220413 NO916220413MVA
Europe Germany Uponor GmbH DE133899039 DE133899039
Europe Great Britain Uponor GmbH GB228015336 GB228015336
Europe Great Britain Uponor Limited GB695505307 GB695505307
Europe France Uponor GmbH FR56814567053 FR56814567053
Europe France Uponor SARL FR66950564419 FR66950564419
Europe Italy Uponor GmbH IT00172819997 IT00172819997
Europe Italy Uponor SRL IT02648790968 IT02648790968
Europe Hungary Uponor GmbH HU26902263 HU26902263
Europe Spain Uponor GmbH Sucursal en España ESW2760147E ESW2760147E
Europe Spain Uponor Hispania S.A.U ESA81248072 ESA81248072
Europe Sweden Uponor GmbH filial i Sverige SE516409898901 SE516409898901
Europe Sweden Uponor Innovations AB SE556548974601 SE556548974601
Europe Sweden Uponor AB SE556690080801 SE556690080801
Europe Sweden Uponor Infra AB SE556911381301 SE556911381301
Europe Switzerland Uponor GmbH CHE-115.680.533 CHE-115.680.533
Europe Poland Uponor GmbH PL5263168343 PL5263168343
Europe Poland Uponor SP ZOO PL1130105560 PL1130105560
Europe Poland Uponor Infra SP ZOO PL5260202826 PL5260202826
Europe Portugal Uponor Portugal-Sistemas para Fluidos, Lda. PT501756183 PT501756183
Europe Romania Uponor GmbH RO39639167 RO39639167

Service provider operator ID: BAWCFI22

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