AP Pro Online Course Level 3

Level 3 includes the most advanced content on the AP Pro Platform.

At the end of this level you will understand:

  • How to customize your AP Pro Layout
  • How to enable and use the workload management tools
  • How to set automatic workload allocations for AP teams
  • How Spend Plans can help you manage recurring payments
  • And, how to set, review, and approve the different spend plan options

This level is for advanced users and AP Team leaders.

Course Length: 60 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Basware’s Spend Plans delivers improved usability and performance for managing recurring and non-PO spend across the organization, to efficiently bring more spend under control – in an automated fashion. Benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use solution, fully integrated into Basware’s Accounts Payable & Procure-to-Pay solutions

  • AP process efficiencies through automated management of recurring spend

  • Better spend visibility by committing to long-term spend

  • Improved financial forecasting

Spend plans can be created for recurring expenses (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other frequency) that are unset, variable amounts, but vary with some predictability. An example is utility bills.

Other times, a budget is approved for a project and there is some predictability as to the suppliers and the overall expensed amount, but the specific amounts of individual invoices are not known ahead of time.

Spend plans are created and managed by a plan manager. Plan managers are professional users who are granted rights that allow creating new plans and managing existing ones. The plan manager creates spend plans for the invoices that are recognized as recurring. A unique plan is created for each invoicing reason, for example, rental invoices have plans of their own, and cleaning invoices have plans of their own. The plans are organization-specific and supplier-specific.

Yes, your personalizations will be saved.

You can put grid columns in any order, hide columns, and pin columns to the left or right of the grid so they are always visible. When you make customizations, they are saved for you, and can be accessed even if you use AP Pro in a different browser, or after a version upgrade. 

It is also possible to reset the grids to the default configuration. From the user menu in the top right corner, click Restore default settings to remove your customizations. 

The workload is managed by creating rules to assign invoices automatically to the AP clerks. You can define the rules on the new Invoice assignment rules page, which is available from Data management. To access the page, you need to have the new user right "Manage invoice assignment rules".

Yes, it's possible to manually assign invoices to AP clerks. There is a new user right called Assign Invoices that is required to assign invoices manually. With this user right, you can change the AP clerk or unassign the invoice using a user picker that is available on the invoice's title bar.