AP Pro Online Course Level 2

Level 2 explores the full capabilities within the AP Pro platform for invoice handling. This level walks you through the functionality that as a member of an AP team you will need to know.

At the end of this level you will understand:

  • How to review, approve or dispute an invoice
  • How to manage exception handling and manual matching
  • How to manually create, code, and search for an invoice
  • How to perform batch actions
  • How to use and export data from accrual reporting

There is a lot of content here but we recommend this for all AP clerks and Managers who will be using the platform on a day-to-day basis.

Course Length: 90 minute

The Activity center contains an overview of the batch actions you have performed on documents. You can view the results of all of your batch actions. If an action was not successful or not performed correctly, you can easily filter for the documents that need to be retried. The content of the activity center is user-specific. It is not possible to see batch actions that have been performed by other users.

Any modern web browser can be used to access AP Pro.

  • Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge (chromium based)
  • Older versions of Microsoft Edge are not supported. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.

The grid in AP Pro is very powerful and supports many ways of working. Standard functionalities exist such as organizing your columns, setting your personal favorite order of columns, hiding columns you don't need, or pinning key columns to the left or right of the grid so they are always in view. When working with the content, the grid supports sorting columns, filtering columns (even with blank values), grouping, and pivoting.

Yes, AP Pro remembers your basic settings, like column ordering and pinning. Actual search criteria are not remembered, such as a search on invoice number 1234. Your settings will even be kept after AP Pro is updated each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

In AP Pro we changed the order of entries in the History section of the invoice. We display the latest entries at the bottom of the panel and we navigate the user automatically to this part of the history. So, you always have the latest entry directly in view and you can scroll upwards to see earlier entries. The order of entries cannot be changed.

In Workplace, we had a dedicated action for this called "Force Match". In AP Pro we combined the this action with the "Confirm" action. The Confirm action in AP Pro means that you completed your matching deviation handling activity and you want to move the invoice forward in the process. Based on the matching result, invoices can either go straight to "Ready for transfer" (no matching validation errors) or to Workflow due to matching validation errors. 

So, in AP Pro you don't need to select a separate action to launch the Workflow activity. You can just confirm your action on the invoice and the system will take care of the following steps in the invoice life cycle.

The filters in the AP Pro grid use a "like"-style filtering. Partial searches, like "ane", will return values such as "Jane" and "Kane". 

Manual order matching is fully supported in AP Pro. Similar functionality as in Workplace are supported. All advanced matching features, such as unplanned additional cost matching and subsequent order matching, are supported. 

Manual spend plan matching is not yet supported. Basware recommends that you use the automatic routing functionality for spend plans to route failed spend plan invoices straight to workflow instead of going to manual spend plan matching first. If you have invoices in manual spend plan matching, there are these actions available: Request manual approval and Confirm (that includes force match).

Matching results contains information about all of the associations in order matching. Matching errors show if matching validation rules fail. Each validation rule can return an error message. It is possible to have both price and quantity differences on the same or another association.

Yes, from the purchase order search panel you can find all invoices associated to the purchase order. The Actions menu from purchase order search has a new action called "Associated documents". This opens a dialog with all invoices that are associated to the selected row.

Yes, you can see all associations from a section in the invoice called "Matching results".  Here you can see which associations have been made and what values were used during the association.

The "Matching results" contains all information about the association, including identified matching errors like failed price differences. The associations containing matching errors include an error icon. For invoices that contain many associations and errors you can also hide all successful associations. This helps you to only focus on the deviations. You can filter on deviations by selecting "Show only lines with exceptions". 

Yes. Invoice lines are supported in AP Pro. The support is available for invoice lines created automatically or during the invoice import. Invoice lines that were generated by Best Fit have a different identifier than other invoice lines.