AP Pro Online Course Level 1

Level 1 of the training course is designed to provide you a basic understanding of the AP Pro platform.

At the end of this level you will be able to understand:

  • How does the invoice lifecycle process work within AP Pro?
  • How to alter your viewing modes and utilize filters?
  • How to log in to the platform?
  • How to communicate with colleagues on the platform?
  • How to make basic changes to your user settings?

We highly recommend all users start here to ground their understanding in the new platform.

Course Length: 30 minutes  

Frequently Asked Questions

Collaboration is done using Discussions on specific documents. You can view and reply to a discussion in the document details page of any document you can access.

You can see that there is a discussion on a document in AP Pro when you see the double bubble icon in the Discussion column.

Any changed settings will be effective only after logging out.

The grid in AP Pro is very powerful and supports many ways of working. Standard functionalities exist such as organizing your columns, setting your personal favorite order of columns, hiding columns you don't need, or pinning key columns to the left or right of the grid so they are always in view. When working with the content, the grid supports sorting columns, filtering columns (even with blank values), grouping, and pivoting.

Accrual reporting became available in AP Pro with the 20.11 release, and the functionality exceeds what we currently offer in Workplace. 

Accrual reporting is the first report in AP Pro that allows data extracts exceeding 5,000 coding rows. You can define the parameters for the accrual report, then AP Pro creates the report in the background. You don't need to wait for the report to be completed - AP Pro notifies you, and anyone else you want to notify, when it's ready for download.

More information is available in Level 2 of the course.


Invoices lines support is available in AP Pro (starting with release 20.4). Invoice handling, automatic order matching, and manual order matching can use the invoice line content. Starting with release 20.11, invoice lines also support expressions.

Also, business users (reviewers and approvers) can use invoice lines by enabling Tools for Power Users (available with release 20.11). These tools bring a desktop-like user experience for business users, who have many complicated tasks to perform. This is done by enabling our powerful invoice detail pages for these users. This feature also includes manual order matching for business users, removing their dependency on Workplace. 

Users can enable Tools for Power Users for themselves in User Settings, by selecting "Professional invoice details view."

No, the Overview page in its current format in Workplace will not exist in AP Pro. Instead, the panels at the top of AP Pro give you insight into the outstanding backlog. All graphs that were available in Workplace are now accessible from Analytics or can be created using a search in AP Pro.